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  • 111 dB SPL 1W/1m peak
  • 2 inch voice coil diameter 50 W
  • 120° H x 140° V coverage
  • Compact lightweight neodymium structure
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof construction
  • Designed for stationary and mobile voice communication signalling on public utility vehicles
The ND100KT unit has been specifically designed for electronic sirens, voice communication and signaling and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is ideally suited for installations within standard light-bars, engine compartments, the bumpers of fire, ambulance, law enforcement, or other public service vehicles, as well as for use in stationary and mobile public address systems. It is an optimum unit when lightweight and compact structure are required.
The ND100KT unit is capable of 50W power handling with a pink noise signal with a 6dB crest factor, or 100W continuous program as well as 100W (10min on, 10min off) usual emergency or law enforcement signal.
The sound chamber and rear cover are aluminum injection-molded parts which assure high mechanical reliability and optimum thermal exchange.
The lightweight neodymium magnetic structure has been developed to assure high flux concentration and excellent thermal exchange thanks to the neodymium external magnet configuration. This is considerably more efficient than usual inner-pole neodymium magnet topology.
The unit employs a Kapton diaphragm with a 2-inch diameter round copper voice coil. A precise diaphragm structure and alignment mechanism allows easy and cost-effective repair in case of diaphragm failure.
The horn belongs to the reflex-type family with a rectangular polycarbonate molded structure. It provides an optimum sound level output (121dB measured at 1.8kHz, 3 meter on axis, rated power) and features a directed dispersion range of 120°H x 140°V (1kHz octave band), in order to assure a high intensity acoustic field.
A special automotive standard surface protection treatment has been applied to all metal parts, assuring stronger resistance against the corrosive effects of salts and oxidization. Hence, the unit is also suitable for use in inclement weather conditions.


Mounting and Shipping Info

  • Throat Diameter19 mm (0.75 in)
  • Nominal Impedance8 Ω
  • Minimum Impedance5.5 Ω
  • Nominal Power Handling150 W
  • Continuous Power Handling2100 W
  • Sensitivity3111.0 dB
  • Frequency Range0.5 - 5.0 kHz
  • Recommended Crossover40.5 kHz
  • Voice Coil Diameter51 mm (2.0 in)
  • Winding MaterialCopper
  • Diaphragm MaterialPhenolic impregnated fabric
  • Flux Density1.6 T
  • Magnet MaterialNeodymium
  • Net Weight1.5 kg ( lb)
  • Shipping Weight1.8 kg ( lb)
  • Shipping Box205x132x155 mm (8.07x5.20x6.10 in)
  • 2 hour test made with continuous pink noise signal within the range from the recommended crossover frequency to 20 kHz. Power calculated on rated nominal impedance.
  • Power on Continuous Program is defined as 3 dB greater than the Nominal rating.
  • Applied RMS Voltage is set to 2.83 V for 8 ohms Nominal Impedance.
  • 12 dB/oct. or higher slope high-pass filter.
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